Coin Media is a group of experienced and successful media professionals with decades of experience in industry and providing services at reasonable cost.

Coin Media is devoted to the objective of fastening and nurturing talented artists from economically weaker sections of society and to propel them to the national stage and earn widespread recognition. We have created a niche amongst media houses where we focus on artists who deserve to be recognised. We believe in bringing that talent on the national stage and create mass reach for such talented artists

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Sangeeta K Shah


Sangeeta K Shah is Founder and Director of Coin Media, an established business woman who has worked to empower people to showcase their talent and expertise to the world.

A dynamic woman entrepreneur with an experience of more than 18 years in core manufacturing sector with a high passion for analytical attribution. Leading and managing diversified projects. Expertise in improving team performance while securing stake holders loyalty along with forging valuable relationships with internal and external partners